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Sunday, September 29, 2002



October 2003 St Louis Wedding. Still very very early into the planning phase, but I'm kind of liking these carved pumpkins (the leaves and acorn designs) as centerpieces. You know, with goofy looking gourds and leaves and stuff? The idea appeals to me but I'm not sure the smell does. I wonder if there is some way to unstinkify them...very unweddingy. Plus, that just adds another DIY item to my day-before-the-wedding list. (i'm actually enjoying/laughing at the vision of myself the day before and of...i think i'll practice tensing every muscle in my body in front of the mirror for a preview of my wedding photos...) Ha!

Song I'm currenlty obsessed with: Dar Williams "The Christians and the Pagans"....love that lilting thing she does with her voice. It makes me bouncey.

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