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Sunday, September 29, 2002


Okay, so yesterday I went to a Creative Memories party because my new boss invited me. It was very very very strange and akward. Have you ever done this? I always end up going to these things knowing I will spend $20 on something...ANYTHING for under $20 to fulfill my obligation. I drank their punch, listened to their pitch, and now I buy. I am NOT the scrapbooking type. I have no children. I don't actually know where my camera is. I have never fixed photo to page (especially acid free pages to the tune of...you guessed it...$20). My original excuse for possibly not going is that I cannot actually cut in a straight line, but these people think of everything. Yes they have templates with cutting devices. (I still messed it up)

A very good friend of mine dropped out of our doctorate program 2+ years in to become a Mary Kay Cosmetics rep. I cannot knock it because she is completely and genuinely happy whenever I see her now, a huge change from when we were classmates. I still don't get it but I love her anyway.

I suppose its not for me to understand women who choose these paths. I suppose I am grateful for the complementary photo embellishing stickers in the backyard barbecue theme (I will find some use for them). I suppose if I become a creatively stunted housewife one of these days, I'll be glad of my $20 personal photo trimmer.

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