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Wednesday, September 25, 2002


new new new blog...um not quite ready to actually start (i've a procrastination issue...thus the title)...um...

Okay. Mouth noises. My favorite is the (oh how does one explain?) one produced by flicking your toungue in and out of your mouth while making "rrr" sounds...very satisfying.

Favorite face. This is a trademark move that has taken years to perfect...tucking your upper lip underneath itself. Now, to truely make this work right, you must completely dry off your upper gums before tucking your lip (use your finger). Got it? Now it should sit up there without any work. Go to the mirror. The face really works best when you try to look very serious...no smiling.

I hope to eventually put up some posts worth reading, but it doesn't look good for me, does it?

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